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The Russian National Research Center of Surgery
named after B.V. Petrovsky

Operations video:

Thyroidectomy, resection of trachea and manubrium in case of thyroid cancer with tracheal invasion, manubrium and lung metastases. Radioiodine therapy. Complete tracheal reconstruction.

Bazarov D.V., Pechetov A.A.(thoracomioplasty), Grigorchuk A.Yu.

Papillary thyroid cancer with invasion into neck and thoracic trachea, left recurrent nerve T4bN1bM1. Metastasis in manubrium sterni. Miliary metastases in lungs. . Malignant tracheal stenosis. Stridor. Combine treatment with inclusion of radio iodine therapy. Complete tracheal reconstruction.

There two videos:

1. All stages of treatment from tumor removal to complete tracheal reconstruction:



2. Detailed video of first operation: Thyroidectomy, resection of trachea and manubrium, lymph node dissection, metal osteosynthesis:

Bazarov D.V., Pechetov A.A.(thoracomioplasty), Grigorchuk A.Yu.



Redkie Cerv Thor Operacii vid1



Bazarov D.V., Abdumuradov K.O., Bogov A.A.

Grigorchuk A.Yu., Bazarov D.V., Boranov E.V.

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